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Consignment sales

You may love to make things but start to run out of people to give the finished product too. People tell you to sell on line but how can you if you don't have a high volume or computer skills.

Some Website provides the platform but you have to mange a "store" like you're part of a mall. You pay to relist your product and watch the small print charges add up. This may be a little over whelming if you only want to sell a few things.  

At Enes Dream you give us a description, picture and price you want for the product.  We will then add 10% for a consignment fee and list the product on our site.  All you need to do is let us know if the product is no longer available and you are no longer taking orders.  Here are the required forms to get started.

Network or just Advertise with us

Maybe you are a little more computer savvy or are trying to actually make a business for you craft and have a place to sell your product.  Why should you try to working with us?  Well, it can be hard to get found on the internet.  We are trying to find people to help spread the cost for attracting traffic.  We will do this by placing your information on a page on our page.  Although you may not list with us you may still want to work with us through one of two ways. 

1.  Networking - we place an add on our site with a link to your point of sale but you will need to show one for us as while.  

2.  Advertising - if you can't or don't want ads for other sites on your site then low price of $5 a month will get you a space.  Here's the form to be completed for both but the cost will be charged through the store.

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