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How's the Covid-19 isolation going for you?

I know that here we are not sharing the same pains that many of you are feeling out there. Here, we are use to isolation as we get lost in our world of yarn, for what my husband says, is days at a time! :) But I do still remember those first days when my new normal became staying at home instead of daily, structured and out of the house work.

Even though I will admit that "technically" I don't normally "have to" isolate, my anxiety will disagree. I remember the overwhelming need to just sleep all day in those first few days. There didn't seem to be any other activity that could redirect my mind for those now unassigned 9-13 hours a day. So if for the first few weeks you get more sleep then normally; allow it. I'm sure you are in heavy overdraft from your sleep bank. Yes, I fully believe in the idea of a sleep bank. No matter how many conflicting studies that are out there, my experience at least, had confirmed the existence of an overwhelming overdraft. After about 10 years, I think I'm close to get back in the sleep positive balance. (SHHHHH don't tell my mind that because that bugger will challenge that statement)

So, once you and your body agree on your sleep repayment plan it's time to fill the rest of you day up. Now if you are...blessed..+ or - ;) .. with children, "planning" your day might seem to be able to take care of itself. lol For the rest of you, or those who need new ideas, yarn can be turned into a multitude of items. From sweaters to cute toys to pompoms to lines pasted to paper. Pinterest can because you closest friend.

Then again, you could just buy from us but show it off to your friends later...they don't need to know how big of a sleep repayment you actually got in. lol

But to be serious, please:

Stay home when activities outside your house is not essential

When out of your house stay 2m away from those outside of your household

Wash your hands before touching anything headed for your mouth or before/ after touching you face.

Stay safe and healthy

To paraphrase a famous bear Only you (well each of you) can prevent the spread of Covid 19. Blank a curve and save a healthcare personnel's life.


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