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Frequently Asked Questions

What is handmade according to Ene's Dream?

 We call any item that was stitched, woven, glued, shaped, etc by hand, without use of a machine totally computer control (excluding sewing machines) and with low volume rates handmade.  There could be massed produced blanks that are hand embellished (i.e wood figures, wreaths) that we also consider handmade.

What is quality like for a handmade item?

If you ask us, quality of a handmade item is better than what you buy on the big store shelves. Each item is handmade by a human.  This means its very unlikely for each and every item to be exactly the same.  The tension, the amount of glue or even the colour of the materials use might be slightly different from item to item. 

If you are getting right down to construction, we double check to limit ends or bits sticking out of the project.  

What about Refunds?

As each item is handmade we understand there is potential for issues getting by us.  We will look into each case to determine what action is reasonable for each case independently.

Can I order specific colours for all products?

We do take a wide range of custom orders.  The easiest way to request a custom order is to send us an email to  Here you can request colours, sizes or event off book (things we haven't thought to make yet) items.  

That being said we are limited to available, reasonably price materials.  Some yarns are only available for a limited amount of time for example.

What information is required for an off book custom orders?

Ideally we would like to see a picture of what you are looking for. We will research our best options up to and including creating our own patterns, if need be.  As well, please provide a colour reference of what you are looking for.  Please send all reference information to for quotes, timelines and available material confirmation.

Custom orders may cost more depending on time and energy required to provide you with an acceptable, to you, product.  We do reserve the right to limit the number of times a product is reworked.  All items that you do not purchase may be listed for sale to another customer.

How are orders delivered?

Most orders will be delivered through Canada Post.  If you live outside of Canada please understand international shipping is very costly, especially if you want tracking (which we require) and want it within 2 months. (Seriously, basic international can take 6 months because it travels by ship).

If you are looking for products we indicate may include essential oils, we will contact you to discuss options as we currently only delivery locally (within approximately 70 kms from Strathroy, Ontario).

Are your toys safe for babies?

We produce our toys without hard pieces (unless otherwise stated) to ensure that there is nothing to hard to may fall off for a child to choke on.  That being said, a baby should be monitored when given a toy.

We do use easy to handle yarns that can be washed and dried.  We would add a note for any items we had concerns with care instructions.

Is all product made by the same people? I see it's broken out into different shops.

Actually we do sell for a few small producers.  We do have a small handling fee as not everyone can make enough to sell either on line or at craft shows.  We help out other crafters when we can.  You can look for more information on becoming a crafter with Ene's Dream on the crafter tab.

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