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The full Story

Ene's dream has been built on the ideas that our Mother plotted out with us over the last 25 years.  Although she is no longer around to see the business come to fruition, we are proud to be presenting this website.


This site has been built to provide a platform for people that love to create handmade objects. We understand that trying to sell some items can cost more then it takes to make a craft. If you don't want to worry about managing a physical or digital store or pay booth prices at craft shows we can help the craft find buyers.  Mom always thought that a crafter who wanted to make a little money from their hobby should be able to do so no matter the season. The volume to sell will be completely up to the crafter.


As there are some regulations around what can actually be sold in Canada or in some cases, exported we will try to provide information required to meet requirements.

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